The Stone Groove

S-tilestone flexible stone veneers – consists of THREE words
  • ‘S’ – for SLIM.
  • Tile and Stone – product is in tile form while keeping the characteristics of natural stone.

Our stone veneers – S-tilestone flexible stone veneers assembles everyone’s requirements and our design competence enables us not leave any stone unturned to continuously introduce new innovative products.

From our humble beginnings in 2012, S-tilestone flexible stone veneers has experienced tremendous growth. S-tilestone flexible stone veneers started its journey from offering the Slate and Quartzite series in ECO-S-TILE and TRANS-TILE, thereafter we quickly expanded our range to include other stones, such as Marble, Sandstone. Today we have the one of the most extensive product portfolio in the industry. We have products available for each style, different applications and according to international trends.

In 2015, we were featured in Elle Décor’s Decoration Hotlist and invited to attend the Mood Exhibition by world renowned Director of Trendease, Jennifer Castoldi and was awarded the Most Innovative Product. By 2019, we were available in 25 countries and expanding our product range adding 3D S-TILE – DIY Stone panels.

In 2021, we were the first in the industry to offer a Magnetic backing solution to our clients and in 2022 the first to obtain the Greenguard Certificate. As our commitment towards providing the best in class in the industry grew so did S-tilestone flexible stone veneers. Today, S-tilestone flexible stone veneers is available across the world through our distributors network becoming a trusted partner for stone veneers. We constantly looking for new partners to help us grow in different regions of the world.

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of S-tilestone flexible stone veneers and we thank all our partners – clients and vendors for being the driving force behind our rapid success.