Metallic Stone Veneers

Unleash a touch of glamour with our metallic stone veneers. Featuring luxurious metallic finishes, our exclusive collection adds a modern and avant-garde element to your designs. Whether you seek a sleek, contemporary appearance or a bold statement, our metallic stone veneers elevate spaces, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and innovation.

Key Product Features:

  • 100% Natural stone surface
  • Thickness:- 1-2 mm
  • Weight:- 1 - 1.5 kg/sqm
  • Size:- 30x60 cm, 122x61 cm, 244x122 cm

CST (M)-01 Copper

CST (M)-02 Gold

CST (M)-03 Rust Gold

CST (M)-04 Silver

CST (M)-05 Silver Grey 2