Advantages of S-tilestone


Fold it, flex it, bend it and roll it to varying degrees. Reinforced by fiberglass or Fabric our stone veneer stays strong and waterproof.


Where stone blocks weigh tons, depending on the thickness and finish, our stone veneer weigh no more than 1-2 kg per square meter.


Is an environmentally product as we are able to create up to 500 sheets using a 20 cm thick stone slab thereby enabling to cover more area.

Easy to Handle

Due to its super flexible nature and light weight it is very easy to carry for long distance as well.

Fast Installation

Stone veneers are easy and hassle free to install. A strong laminate adhesive is all you need to install sheets of real stone veneer to any surface.

Impact Resistance

This is reinforced by fiberglass or fabric therefore it is strong enough and due to flexibility also it is able to accept more forceful impact as compared to stone.


The lightweight nature of stone veneer, drastically reduces costs of transportation, fuel, storage, handling, etc. when ordering stone veneer as compared to stone Slabs and blocks.


Our strict selection of raw materials and production quality standard enables us to offer our clients a 20 year guarantee.