Written in Stone

The demand for innovative products in the building material industry is robust and has never been stronger. Increasing shipping and handling costs of heavy and large stone slabs and the need for a lightweight, but natural stone gave birth to S-tilestone flexible stone veneers. We strongly believe in innovative products being the building blocks of the industry and commit to introducing new creative solutions to our clients. S-tilestone flexible stone veneers is a joint venture brand started in 2012 by Vesna Inc, India and Esspex Corporation Japan, an international leader and trendsetter in the world of wall coverings.

Our reputation for offering excellent quality products and outstanding products is upheld by our own in-house team of talented and experienced staff. With the customer at the forefront of any product development, great consideration and thought is put into it. S-tilestone flexible stone veneers has three established brands TRANS-TILE, ECO-S-TILE and 3D S-TILE, all of which have their own unique character and style creating a diverse range of products to suit customers' tastes and needs worldwide. With our excellent stock levels, fast processing of orders and speed of our transportation partners, our delivery service is one of the most efficient in the industry. Our products have been featured in international media, such as Elle Décoration and Exhibitions, such as the Mood Innovation Platform held in September 2015.

We handle approximately 1500 unique enquiries on a monthly basis. We also offer an excellent sample service sending out over 2,000 samples a month. As a showcase of our collections, we have partner showrooms in all continents as well as a global network of agents and distributors. Each showroom offers clients the opportunity to view our range of stone veneers With our latest range each showroom is beautifully furnished providing an inspiring environment in which to view the wide range of our products across the globe.

Our products are sold through a network distributors, partners, interior designers/architects and retailers across the globe, you can inquiry about our network at the worldwide distributors page.

We consistently seek to grow by establishing new partnerships. If you would like to become a distributor book an online meeting here.


The Foundation Stone

With our highly qualified and experienced staff, who boasts a wealth of knowledge in the stone industry, we constantly aim to raise the bar to a responsible company by contributing to lower the effects of carbon footprints and being environmentally friendly in both our products and packing. We use maximum of recycled products to pack our products, cardboard boxes, tapes and no plastic. We pride our manufacturing ability and established strong partnerships with some of the world's most reliable and competitive vendors. Our products are ISO 9001:2015, CE certified, Greenguard certified and we are an accredited Member of International Trade Council and awarded the Quality in Business by them.

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Carved in Stone

Transparency and Sincerity are paramount to us, allowing us to represent our brand with confidence and offer our clients creative products.

Transparency Builds Trust

Transparency fosters trust and gives our partners the confidence that we adhere to high ethical standards. Transparency not only means honesty and integrity in all communications, but also keeping the you informed by asking for your feedback and notifying them of improvements to products and services and making policies clear.


For us sincerity goes beyond our interaction and dealings with our partners. It is about being honest and genuine with our employees such that they remain motivated to work hard, produce optimum and top class results, and care for the company’s partners be it clients or vendors in the same sincere manner.

Our values ensure our services to clients are as flexible and reliable as the product itself.